Nakamal At Home Kava Kava Analysis
04 Dec

Nakamal At Home Kava Kava Analysis

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Back when Nakamal At Home was being accused of selling noble kava adulterated with tudei kava on online forums we hired Dentali Botanical Services aka Steven Dentali, PhD to analyze our kava. Steven asked us to send samples to Alkemist Labs and Paula Brown, PhD for testing which we did. All of our kava was tested using microscopy, HPLC, and HTPLC. The kava root powder was tested for kavalactones and flavokawains. Below is the final analysis of all of this. These lab tests and analysis were very costly but we spared no expense to prove to the online community that our kava powder was all noble kava except for the one kava powder we sent in which was Hawaiian Isa that we knew was tudei. We were accused of mixing this Isa tudei kava into our noble kava which made no sense because Hawaiian kava is more expensive than Vanuatu kava and we had only a small amount to sell so we used it in our kava bar in Boca Raton, Florida, The Nak. You can read the report below yourself. Nakamal At Home has never knowingly sold tudei kava and passed it off as noble kava. We hope you don’t believe everything you read on online forums run by armchair scientists doing experiments in their garage at home rather than the top kava scientists in the world. 

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