We bring the kava to you
when you can’t go to it.
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100% Noble Lab Tested Kava Roots
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Five Star blend of noble varieties
of kava from Vanuatu.
Make kava in the comfort of your own home
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Fiji Style Kava Vanuatu Style Kava
Noble Vanuatu Kava Powder
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fire island instant kava kava powder

Instant Kava Powder from

Fire Island

The first of its kind in the instant kava market. Straight from Fire Island using only the freshest Borogu kava. Dissolves quite easily in water or your favorite beverage. Totally different and very potent. Our instant kava product is made from 100% dried kava juice in a carefully controlled process using cold water extraction to preserve the potency of the kavalactones. Fire Island Instant Kava Powder allows you to spend your time drinking kava instead of making it!

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