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Use this Vanuatu kava recipe if you need to make kava in large quantities.

The Vanuatu kava recipe is superior for use in a kava bar.

We only sell high quality kava, so you can use less to make more. For example, a 125g bag of kava will make one gallon to 1.25 gallons of strong kava. One gallon is 32 four ounce servings of kava. 

There are 2 different methods we know of used to prepare kava, what we call the Fijian method and the Vanuatu method. We prefer the Vanuatu method to make kava especially in large batches.

Things you’ll need:
Nakamal At Home Kava root powder
Strainer bag or cloth
Medium or large bowls
Measuring cup

1 tablespoon (approximately 6-8 g) kava root per 1 cup (8oz) of water
Ratio determines potency. Use more kava roots to make it stronger.

Serving size: 1 shell is a 1/2 cup (4oz)


The Vanuatu kava recipe is a little more involved than the Fijian recipe but yields superior kava and is better for making kava in large batches for parties or kava bars. 

1. Pour room temperature water into first bowl. 

2. Add desired amount of kava root to the water based on volume being made. For example if you are making one gallon of kava we recommend adding 100-125 g of kava root powder. 

3. Stir kava root powder into water until no dry material is left. Let soak for 5 minutes to insure it is fully wet.

4. Use measuring cup to scoop one to two cups of the soaking kava root powder.

5. Dump it into your strainer bag or cloth over a second clean bowl being careful not to spill any. 

6. Squeeze all of the liquid out of the kava root powder. 

7. You can dunk the cloth and powder back into the liquid and repeat this as many times as you like. 

8. Once kava has been squeezed it is called makas. 

9. Dump the makas into another bowl and save it. 

10. Repeat steps 5-9 until you have pressed all of the kava powder once. 

11. Add enough water to the makas to just cover it. 

12. Repeat steps 4-8 then discard makas when finished. 

13. Rinse off your strainer cloth with clean water. 

14. Strain the finished kava beverage one final time to remove any particulate matter for a smoother drink. 

SINI /see-knee/ A form of cheers in Vanuatu.

Kava, in a well sealed container will last 3-4 days in the refrigerator. 

You can also freeze any liquid kava you don’t drink.

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