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Black Sand Kava
Black Sand Kava Powder is named after the rich volcanic soil that it is grown in in Vanuatu. The pri..
Fire Island Instant Kava Powder
Fire Island Instant Kava This product is the first of its kind in the instant kava market. Straig..
Kava Preparation Bags
It's a fact, kava should be strained before drinking to remove particles. Our Kava Preparation Cloth..
Solomon Kava
Popula Solomon Nambawan Grade Kava Solomon Islands Kava Powder from Solomon Islands. We call it S..
Stone Kava
Stone Grade High Potency Kava On some primitive islands in the south Pacific kava is still ground b..
White Sand Kava
White Sand Kava This is white kava from Vanuatu, we call it White Sand kava. White kava is the ty..
Wow Kava
Wow Kava After many trips to the Republic of Vanuatu we have found a kava that is so potent it is..
Kava Beverage
Our kava beverage comes with Vanuatu kava. The kava beverage is 16 ounces for a total of f..