Chlorophylls were not detected in the test samples, indicating the absence of aerial parts.



Kava Chemotypes

  1. Desmethoxyyangonin
  2. Dihydrokavain 
  3. Yangonin 
  4. Kavain 
  5. Dihydromethysticin 
  6. Methysticin

 A kava chemotype is typed based on the descending concentraion of these six kavalactones within it's roots.  This means that a cultivar such as a Vanuatu

Melo Melo with a chemotype of245361, contains primarily dihydrokavain, followed in descending order of concetration by kavain, dihydromethysticum,

yangonin, methysticin, and desmethoxyyangonin.  To be classified as a noble kava, a strain must have a chemotype that begins with either 2-4 or 4-2,

meaning its roots contain primarily either kavain or dihydrokavain.


























Macroscopy & Microscopy with Digital Photo-Documentation Reports




















Fire Island_chemotype_426531




Blacksand kava is a blend of Stone and Whitesand


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